The streetlight renovation projects by modern and efficient lighting technologies such as LEDs, along with a proper regulation of lighting allow a reduction in energy consumption of between 45% and 85%, depending on the solution adopted, impacting on a reduction of pollutant emissions in the same proportions.

Escan energy consultant and the city of Santander they have taken action on this issue through Streetlight-EPC project which promotes actions to reduce emissions by substantial changes in the street lighting of the Municipalities, also using public-private collaboration formulas to ensure energy savings in the short, medium and long term.

As part of this initiative, and in cooperation with the energy agency of the Paris region and FEDARENE (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy), Francisco Puente has a presentation to the public authorities and the companies involved in the COP 21, highlighting the success factors and obstacles to be considered for the replication of these projects on the overall objective of combating climate change.