The official presentation of the company as a member of FEDARENE took place at the General Assembly held this month in Berlin.
(7th June 2017)

FEDARENE (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment) is the first European network of regional and local organizations founded with the aim of implementing, coordinating and facilitating European energy and environment policies. Its partners include mainly regional and local agencies that promote these policies.
FEDARENE was created in 1990 on the initiative of 6 European regions, now has 70 member regions from 20 countries of the European Union and Norway.
The confirmation of the adhesion of Escan energy consultants to FEDARENE took place during the general assembly of the Federation, celebrated in Palais Kulturbrauerei of Berlin the past 1 of June. Escan Energy Consultants presented to the audience their commitment for more than 30 years with energy efficiency and sustainability policies in Spain and Europe, with special emphasis on the proposal of strategies for energy efficiency in the regions and the implementation of representative projects.

Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE, and Francisco Puente, Project and Business Development Manager of Escan Energy Consulting

In this context, and as a best practice joint initiative, the Streetlight-EPC project, which promotes the replacement of obsolete lighting with efficient LED-type systems and advanced regulation has recently been completed. This initiative has been coordinated by the Region of Upper Austria (ESV), included among its almost 20 partners with key organizations as FEDARENE, the Podravje Region (ENERGAP) or the North-Western region of Croatia (REGEA).

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